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Many years ago several customers asked DMT if it would be possible to supply them with completely refurbished and overhauled used equipment. This demand from the market was a reason for DMT to expand its business activities with a used equipment department.
At present, the business in used and fully refurbished equipment is one of the major business activities of DMT.

Our company’s warehouse has a floor space of 5.500 m². Most space is occupied by used machinery and parts. Anyone walking through the warehouses of DMT may wonder what will happen with these enormous quantities of used hammer mills, pelleting mills, counter flow coolers, mixers, dies, rollers and other materials. Yet the answer to this question is quite simple:

After procurement of the used equipment, all defective parts are replaced or repaired and after spray-painted in the customer’s desired colour, re-assembled again. The craftsmanship of our engineers secures a fully overhauled and refurbished machine, which is near as new, hence we supply these machines and equipment with warranty.

Over the years, this has resulted in a high demand for this equipment especially in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Africa and South East Asia. Nowadays complete overhauled and refurbished plants are commissioned and erected with the skills, craftsmanship and expertise of our mechanical and project engineers.



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10 Apr 2020