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Roller Reconditioning

Our specialized and trained mechanical technician Andrzej Rutowicz is in charge of DMT International’s roller reconditioning division. His accuracy and keen eye on detail will guarantee an effective roller recondition job. Rollers which should be reconditioned are collected by DMT International at site of its customers. After Andrzej has reconditioned them, the rollers are returned by DMT International for re-use in the pelletizers.

High tech roller refurbishment line with fully integrated cleaning units: 

  • Hydraulic swingarm system provides optimal ergonomic working conditions
  • Eco friendly collection system for waste products
  • Full inventory of top quality spare parts for all major brands of press rollers
  • Lubrication in accordance with customer’s specifications
  • All logistics, from ordering through returns, handled by DMT International B.V.



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