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Jäckering Ultra-rotor V

DMT International is in the possession of an Ultra -Rotor V , with a capacity of 500-5000 kg/h. The Ultra-Rotor V has been manufactured by Jäckering. For downloading the technical drawing of this Ultra-Rotor V please click: here

Nominee 2015 Grapas Innovation Award

June 2015: Team DMT International proud at the 2015 Grapas Innovation Award Nomination for introducing the inn-house developed pellet mill Taurus for the global animal feed and biomass industry.

DMT International Nominee 2015 Grapas Innovation Award

9 June 2015: DMT International has been nominated for the 2015 Grapas Innovation Award. The nomination has been granted by the jury in the category innovation for the pellet mill Taurus. This pellet mill has been designed, engineered and manufactured…

Presentation prototype new pellet mill

23 April 2015:  Prototype new pellet mill presented at the next VICTAM exhibition in Cologne. Director Marc de Man about this prototype: "In the past 35 years our company gained a massive amount of knowledge and experience in the day-to-day…