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Presentation prototype new pellet mill

23 April 2015:  Prototype new pellet mill presented at the next VICTAM exhibition in Cologne.

Director Marc de Man about this prototype:
“In the past 35 years our company gained a massive amount of knowledge and experience in the day-to-day usage and maintenance of all types of pellet mills. Both in the animal feed as well as the biomass industry we ascertained that there is a need for further improvement of these machines. We have taken the opportunity to translate this knowledge and experience into the development of a new pellet mill.

The objective was to develop a pellet mill suitable and applicable for the production of pellets from both biomass as well as animal feed. Our technicians and engineers managed to design a prototype, which will be exhibited at the upcoming VICTAM  in Cologne in June”

Marc continues:
“After countless designs and discussions, the final blueprints of the pellet mill have been certified by our team of technicians. In the coming weeks ahead, our mechanical and technical engineers will assemble the prototype of the new pellet mill at our workshop in Helvoirt. I am convinced that this prototype will be the start of a new generation pellet mills  in our industry”


DMT International is present at the 2015 VICTAM International exhibition in Cologne 9-10-11 June. Hall 6, booth A059



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